What is it?
Your membership is with the Canadian Celiac Association.  Vancouver is a Chapter of the national Canadian Celiac Association.
The local chapter receives a portion of membership fee for each national membership from their area.  This money is used to provide information about celiac disease and gluten sensitivity to the community.

Multi-Year Renewal Form or if you wish to wish to enrol on-line visit the CCA National Site

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What do you get?

Membership Benefits
  • A subscription to the national newsletter Celiac News
  • A subscription to the national electronic newsletter Celiac eNews, sent by email monthly
  • Current and accurate resources on celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis in CCA publications and reviews of current literature
  • Up-to-date product information and food recalls
  • Opportunity to contribute to research on celiac disease
  • Chapter meetings that provide information, fellowship and local information about where to shop and eat
  • Access to help and information by phone or email
  • Discounts from some suppliers of gluten-free food (varies from area to area)
Your Membership Helps CCA Advocate For:
  • Better food labelling and disclosure of all sources of gluten in foods
  • Government recognition of extra costs and time involved in eating gluten-free
  • Safety, availability and enrichment of gluten-free products
  • Public awareness and understanding to make living gluten-free easier and safer
  • Medical awareness to ensure early diagnosis, and optimal continuum of care
How to help
The Canadian Celiac Association - Vancouver Chapter is a non-profit
organization staffed entirely by volunteers.

We are always looking for great volunteers to help us!

Please email or phone 604-736-2229 if you're interested in volunteering. 
We will contact you soon to provide more information about volunteering with the Vancouver Chapter.

Thank you!

Facebook or at 604-736-2229. Messages only.